Research institutes

Several research institutes and centres within the University focus on Arctic research and participate in Arctic research projects.

Centre for Arctic Policy Studies
The Centre for Arctic Policy Studies (CAPS) is a forum for interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of Arctic research with an emphasis on the role and policies of states and institutions, non-state and corporate actors, and broader aspects of governance, culture and society in the Arctic and High North.

Institute of Earth Sciences
The Institute of Earth Sciences, an independent part of the University’s Science Institute, is the main site of academic research in earth sciences in Iceland. Being the largest subaerial part of the mid-ocean rift system and an arctic gateway Iceland provides a unique setting for research spanning many fields of the geosciences.

Institute for Sustainability Studies
The aim of the Institute for Sustainability Studies (ISS) is to catalyse, facilitate and coordinate research to promote sustainable development, and address pressing problems of how to meet the needs of the present without adversely affecting future generations. These challenges are rarely limited to single disciplines. They require an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on competence from various fields. As an interdisciplinary institute within the University of Iceland the ISS is in a key position to  bring together experts from all disciplines within and outside the University.

The Science Institute
The Science Institute of the University of Iceland is dedicated to basic research and higher education in physics, chemistry, biochemistry, applied mathematics, mathematics and geosciences. Research conducted under the auspices of the institute is financed by the national budget and through competitive grants from various funds, in collaboration with both Icelandic and foreign research institutes. Scientific results are published in international journals and disseminated into various disciplines within the Icelandic society.

The Social Science Research Institute
The Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) is an academic research institute within the University of Iceland. It pertains to the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences, the Faculty of Social Work and the Faculty of Political Science. It is a setting for research and development for the three faculties. Many research offices and centres operate within SSRI in the fields of the aforementioned faculties.