Arctic Initiative

The Arctic is expected to become more important in the coming decades as climate change makes natural resources and transport routes more accessible creating threats to fragile ecosystems and societies as well as economic opportunities.

University of Iceland is a leading research institution in Iceland. Academics from diverse disciplines within the University of Iceland focus on Arctic research. University of Iceland offers opportunities for education in over 400 programmes spanning most fields of science, including the Arctic.

University of Iceland Arctic Initiative is a gateway to research and education within University of Iceland that is focused on the Arctic.

Administration and contact

University of Iceland at the Arctic Circle Assembly

University of Iceland actively participates in the annual Arctic Circle Assembly, both the university’s staff and students.

University of Iceland contributes to the 2019 Arctic Circle Assembly program by organising several breakout sessions with partner institutions. As well as offering an interdisciplinary Arctic course which enables students to attend the Arctic Circle Assembly and participate actively in the dialogue.